The TPX Laser Jammer Is the Perfect Gift For That Special Speed-Loving Someone

Let’s be real; speed is fun. And while we of course can’t condone routinely, flagrantly ignoring the posted speed limit every time you get behind the wheel, we know how it goes. You take the long way home from work one day, hop onto your favorite local switchback, and decide to open ‘er up. Suddenly, you glance down at the speedometer and find that you’re trundling along at above legal speeds. Not a great time to come across local law enforcement, you decide, but before you even have a chance to lift off the pedal, you see the dreaded flashing red and blue lights in your rearview.

For driving enthusiasts, being issued a speeding ticket has long been something of a rite of passage – but it doesn’t have to be, so long as you’ve got a dependable laser jammer equipped on your ride. And there’s exciting news on that front: Adaptiv Technologies, maker of some of the most trusted radar detectors and laser jammers in the motorcycling world, has introduced a version of its second-generation laser jammer aimed squarely at driving enthusiasts. This is one of the rare cases where a product originally intended for motorcyclists got such rave reviews that people started adapting it to their cars, until the manufacturer finally caved and decided to just go and build a new version for car use.

Now, many a lead-footed driver might hasten to point out that they haven’t gotten a ticket since they invested in a radar detector, rendering the laser jammer superfluous. That just isn’t true. The tools available to the modern traffic cop are evolving all the time, and the share of law enforcement officers using LIDAR – not radar – to catch speeders is growing steadily. LIDAR, which stands for “Light Detection And Ranging,” performs a similar function to radar, using light to remotely detect the travel velocity of distant objects. But unlike radar, LIDAR performs this feat using laser light, making it somewhere between difficult and impossible to detect preemptively because the detection beam isn’t scattered, but instead hyper-focused. With preemptive detection effectively out, your only real recourse if you want to avoid the dreaded speeding ticket is to “jam” the LIDAR signal – hit law enforcement’s LIDAR sensors with enough random noise that the system can’t determine your travel speed.

That’s what a laser jammer does. Basically, it’s like shouting over someone when they’re trying to talk, and it works really well. Numerous independent sources claim that Adaptiv’s newest second-generation TPX Automotive Laser Jammer performs every bit as well as the best systems on the market, at a significantly lower cost. It’s worked so well for bike owners, in fact, that drivers keep trying to find an elegant way to install a laser jammer made specifically for motorcycles into their cars.

The Adaptiv TPX Automotive Laser Jammer system is housed in a small, discreet black box, which installs neatly and inconspicuously into most modern vehicles. It’s also chock full of excellent features, like an easy-to-use software update process using a built-in USB port, a parking sensor, and a self-shutoff option so you don’t have to manually go and deactivate it to conserve power. That said, laser jammers aren’t strictly legal in all US states; residents of California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. can’t legally use the device as anything but a parking sensor. Laser jammers are also banned throughout much of the rest of the world, so it’s never a bad idea to consult with your local traffic laws and regulations before ordering.

But if you can legally use a laser jammer, and you’re ready to give the Adaptive TPX Automotive Laser Jammer a spin, head to and enter the code VTSCP at checkout to get a whole $100 off the purchase price. Those are some steep savings, available only to AutoGuide readers for a limited time.

There are plenty of radar detectors, jammers, and other gizmos on the market that promise to deliver you from unforeseen speeding tickets, but when it comes down to it, this is one area where it’s well worth springing for a properly good, proven system. The Adaptiv TPX Automotive Laser Jammer is just that.


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