Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition Honda CR-Z Teased Ahead of SEMA

Hybrid tuning is about to take on a whole new face now that Honda‘s CR-Z has hit the market. Tjin Edition has been building plenty of SEMA showpieces including their most recent Chevrolet Camaro, and this year they have teamed up with Fortune Motorsports out of Miami, Florida and American Honda Motor Corporation for this year’s SEMA show.

Proving that Honda is adamant in pushing CR-Z sales to the masses, including tuners and builders, Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition have already teased their upcoming project well in advance of November’s SEMA Show. From what we can gather, the CR-Z will be sporting ADV1 wheels with Falken Tires, Status Racing seats and Air Lift suspension. With how successful the Prius and Insight are doing in Japan, we can only imagine the potential of the CR-Z. Will this generation of tuning catch on in America? We sure hope so, it’s always refreshing to see something new and exciting.

Official press release available after the break.

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Enmo Racing Civic Breaks Autobahn Street FWD Time Attack Record; Gets Rear-Ended

Driver Will Chan and his twincharged Enmo Racing Honda Civic turned the Time Attack world on its ear with a dominating performance at the Redline Time Attack Autobahn Country Club event (near Chicago), where Chan won the Street FWD class by 5-seconds over the nearest competitor and reset the class track record by over 3-seconds. In fact, Chan’s car was so fast his time was just 0.2-seconds off the Street AWD record.

Proving that racing is often a fickle mistress, the Enmo Racing Civic was then unceremoniously rear-ended by a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII that slid off the track in the same puddle of oil that the little Honda encountered just moments before. As the pictures available after the jump show, this left the oil-spewing Honda S2000 that started the unfortunate chain reaction and the Enmo Civic sitting in a dangerous spot on the outside of an oil-covered corner, and before the corner workers could throw a red flag to warn the oncoming Mitsubishi, it too hit the slick patch and careened off the track into both Hondas.

Enmo Racing hasn’t let this cruel twist of fate slow them down though, so expect to see this amazing turbocharged and supercharged old school Honda tearing it up at an upcoming Redline Time Attack event, perhaps even at the legendary Sebring road course in August as well as the series finals in November.

[Source: Enmo Racing]

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Mugen Parts Now Available Through Honda Dealers in the U.K.

Like here in North American, Mugen parts have long been available to hard-core Honda fans through tuner shops and online resources. But Honda fanboys in the United Kingdom can now get those same parts right from their local Honda dealer. That’s right, eight Honda dealers have just signed on to officially sell Mugen parts for both the Civic and the new CR-Z.

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Skunk2 Announces Crinkle Red Pro Series Intake Manifolds, We Want a B-Series Again

Gosh, it’s hard to believe the Honda B-Series engine is still kicking strong after all these years. Sure, it’ll always be one of the most cost-effective engines out there for power to dollar output, but one would think by now the K-Series would be overwhelming the B-Series in popularity. But no way, Honda and Acura enthusiasts say. We love the B-Series, will stick by the B-Series and the K-Series can kiss our proven performance.

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Mugen CR-Z Accessories Officially Announced

Famed Honda tuner Mugen has just released a full line of aesthetic and “performance” accessories for the new CR-Z. While in stock form the CR-Z doesn’t seem overly sporty with just 122-hp, Mugen is hoping to improve on that with a new stainless steel exhaust system which will be good for maybe a pony or two. New brake pads are also offered, as well as a completely new suspension. Also helping in the handling department are two new wheel designs in several finishes, which will no doubt be larger and lighter than the stock rollers with the ability to handle some slightly wider and lower profile tires.

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SEMA 2009: Modified Honda Insight Makes Sure Prius Isn't the Only Tuned Hybrid at SEMA

Situated right across the isle from Honda’s official SEMA Show booth we found a modified Honda Insight at the ENEOS Oil booth. Owned by member Xtremeview, the car features a custom aero kit and a lowered suspension.

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SEMA 2009: Honda Announces Mugen Accessories for Accord

Honda used the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show to announce the introduction of a new line of Mugen Accessories for the 2010 Accord. Mugen has long been known as a performance parts company, building special edition cars for Honda as well as assisting in the company’s motorsports programs.

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Mugen Civic Type-R Pics & Video Emerge
Mugen Planning RR-Version of Euro-Spec Civic Type-R

Honda’s odd-looking Euro-spec Civic Type-R hatchback is about to get the Mugen treatment. With the success of the Honda Civic Mugen RR sedan, the Japanese Honda-tuner wants to take on the latest Type-R, adding power, dropping weight and making an already amazing package that much better.

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