New Chevy Colorado Confirmed With Duramax 4-Cylinder Diesel

It’s almost ready to rumble, but unfortunately, it won’t be doing any rumbling here. In an official press release, General Motors has stated that the new Chevrolet Colorado will indeed be built for ‘rest of the world’ consumption, much like its new Ford Ranger competitor.

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Chevy Silverado Mildly Updated For 2012

With GM planning to introduce its next generation of full-size pickups around 2014, the existing generation of trucks are essentially marking time.

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Yabba Dabba Don't: 24-Year Old Tries to Stop Pickup Truck Fred Flintstone Style [Video]
Today’s story exemplifies that what you see in cartoons should not be attempted in real life. Case in point, the 24-year old motorist seen in the video below, who tried to stop his pick-up truck using his feet, Fred Flintstone style.

Other motorists reported the dangerous driver trying to use his feet to stop his pick-up truck, and while according to some witnesses he managed to succeed twice, his luck ran out at the intersection of 13-Mile and Groesbeck Hwy. in Michigan, and collided with two vehicles.

To think that would be enough, this brake-less and brainless driver continued on. A police officer pulled alongside him and suggested he put the truck into park, but that didn’t work either and he collided with two other vehicles.

Apparently the man in question works as a roofer and said he didn’t want to disappoint his customer and was going to his job.

Police haven’t released the name of this ingenious fella, but they arrested him for driving under a suspended license and reckless driving. He was later released on $500 interim bond and will appear before a judge in September.

Watch the video after the jump to see his actions in action.

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Ford And Toyota To Create Telematics, Hybrid System For Light Trucks And SUVs

Ford and Toyota shocked the automotive world with the announcement that the two companies will join forces to create a new hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs.

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GMC Sierra Wins 'Hurt Locker' Comparison Test [Video]

Heavy-Duty pickups were designed for abuse. And in order to see just how much they can handle, website Pickup put together it’s Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker Comparison test.

The idea was to pit the latest H-D offerings from Ford, General Motors and Ram (in this case the F-350 Super Duty, Sierra HD 3500 and Ram HD 3500) in a series of extreme towing tests, covering a distance of some 2,200 miles across the American West . The tests included navigating some of steepest grades in the country in some of the most extreme climates, hauling fifth-wheel gooseneck trailers of some 19,400 lbs behind each truck.

And when the dust finally settled, the GMC Sierra HD 3500 was judged the overall winner. “The GMC Sierra led with best-in-class performance, with wins in almost every test we put the trucks through,” declared Pickup’s editor Mike Levine.

GM engineers have instigated some changes on the 2012 model Sierra and Silverado HD, in order to improve towing capability; these include reinforced pickup box sills, stronger rear springs and box mounts and revised suspension tuning.

The result is an increase of some 2000 lbs in tow rating capacity, which now stands at an impressive 23,000 lbs. To see how the Sierra performed against its chief rivals in the Heavy Duty Hurt Locker test, watch the video below.

Hit the jump to see the video

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Audi Q7 Pickup Truck is Real: New Spy Photos

When a single photo of an Audi Q7 pickup truck first hit the net, the almost immediate conclusion was that it was likely a photoshop. Claiming that it’s not, a tipster has sent AutoGuide three more images of the strange vehicle parked in a garage.

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Sub-Compact Granite to Put GMC In A New Market Segment

GMC‘s thing has always been trucks, though some would argue it’s 1971-87 El Camino derrivatives, the Sprint and Caballero broke the mold. Now, there’s no question that the brand is firmly stepping outside it’s traditional comfort zone; for 2013 it plans to chase after those in the market for cars like the Kia Soul and Scion XB.

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Ford F-150 EcoBoost Sales Outpacing V-8

Back when it was first introduced to the F-150, there were many who questioned Ford‘s logic for installing a twin-turbocharged V-6 in a pickup truck. However, it appears the Blue Oval has proved the naysayers wrong; in recent months, V-6 sales have been really gathering steam.

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Ford Recalling More Than 20,000 Trucks In The US

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, certain models of Ford pickups and SUVs have a defective switch which can cause the brake, taillights and rear turn signals to fail, potentially resulting in accidents, specifically rear end collisions.

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Chrysler Recalls 280,000 Ram Pickups

Chrysler has announced that it is recalling some 280,000 Ram pickups in the US, Canada and Mexico along with several other parts of the world.

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Ford Raptor Suffers Frame Bending Issues

The mighty Ford Raptor is indestructible, right? Sadly, it only looks that way: owners are reporting a drastic frame bending problem that threatens to destroy their trucks—and in one case, Ford refuses to honor its warranty.

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GM Provides Hints On The Next Generation Full-Size Pickups

Although originally postponed due to the automaker’s bankruptcy and subsequent re-structuring, GM‘s next generation full-size truck program is now reportedly back on track. Sources within the corporation say that the new trucks, internally coded K-2 will begin rolling off assembly lines in 2013 as ’14 model year vehicles.

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Jeep Pickup Could Be Aimed At Export Markets

Although Chrysler is maintaining that it’s current priorities still lie elsewhere, the concept of a Jeep pickup remains near and dear for the brand’s CEO John Manley.

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Jeep Wants A Pickup, But Will Chrysler Play Ball?

Jeep hasn’t offered a true pickup since the late and still lamented, Cherokee based 1986-92 Comanche (shown above). However, if brand CEO John Manley gets his way, it’s likely a Jeep with a bed will return to the lineup sometime in the future.

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GM Cuts Truck Production to Clear Backlog

General Motors has announced that it will be idling it’s Flint, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana assembly plants in an effort to clear out  it’s current high inventory of full-size pickups.

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