Toyota And Lexus Announce Intent To Switch To Tesla-Style NACS Plug

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Let's just go ahead and call it now: NACS won.

Hot on the heels of BMW’s announcement just a few days ago, Toyota also announced its intent to switch to the Tesla-Style NACS (North American Charging Standard) last evening. Just like BMW, and all the other EVs that have opted in to the NACS port, Toyota (and Lexus) EVs will natively incorporate the NACS plug by 2025. Current Toyota and Lexus EVs on the road will have access to Tesla Superchargers via a CCS to NACS adapter, also available in 2025. Interestingly, Toyota says one of the first vehicles to natively incorporate the port will be a three-row EV crossover soon to be made in Kentucky.

I think it’s safe to call it: NACS has clearly won the charging plug shape war. The only few holdouts worth discussing are VW, Lucid, Fisker, and Stellantis. Given how literally all of their competitors have made the switch, we figure it’s only a matter of time before those brands crack.

If those brands choose to hold out, it could place them at a serious disadvantage. It’s not clear if the NACS port itself is that big of a deal, but more so the access to the Tesla Supercharger network that comes with the switch. The Superchargers are the best in the biz for a reason – they’re plentiful, and they’re reliable. EV skeptics cite charging infrastructure as a big reason why they haven’t left gas behind, and the Tesla network could significantly ease those concerns.

Still, the year isn’t over quite yet. BMW and Toyota announced the switch this week. There is still a couple of weeks left in the year. The remaining few automakers could announce their intent before the year is out.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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