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The automotive industry has undergone significant transformations in recent decades, leading to the unfortunate closure of several once-prominent car brands.

According to a recent study conducted by Hippo Leasing, Saab stands out as the most missed brand among respondents from Japan, the United Kingdom, India, France, and Korea. In the United States, however, Pontiac ranks as the brand most fervently mourned, possibly owing to the enduring popularity of "Smokey and the Bandit" reruns. Pontiac's absence is also felt keenly in Italy, Canada, and Brazil. Notably, Germans express a deep longing for Trabant.

Saab secured the second spot in the ranking among American respondents, closely followed by Oldsmobile in third place. In the United Kingdom, Pontiac claims the second position, with Holden coming in third. Intriguingly, Japanese respondents also express a fondness for Pontiac, while the defunct brand Edsel surprisingly occupies the third position in their list. It is worth noting that Edsel ceased operations in the late 1950s. Reddit users were also polled by Hippo Leasing on their most-missed car brands, where Pontiac emerged as the top choice. Saab and AMC followed closely as the second and third most missed brands, respectively.

While the prospect of brands like Pontiac making a resurgence remains unlikely, automakers frequently explore avenues to revive historic nameplates, particularly as they navigate the shift towards electrification. It is equally plausible that one or more of the newer automotive startups may encounter financial challenges or become integrated into established automakers, potentially leading to future lamentations over the loss of companies like Lucid or Rivian.

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