The Fiat 600e Is a Small Electric Crossover That Should Come Here

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
the fiat 600e is a small electric crossover that should come here

Fiat’s latest model is a brightly-colored electric crossover.

Fiat’s one of those brands that seem to have fallen by the wayside in North America. After the cancellation of the hot-rod 124 Spyder, and cute-as-a-button 500 hatchback, the crossover 500X has been the only model on sale in the US and Canada. However, could that change with the new Fiat 600e?

the fiat 600e is a small electric crossover that should come here

Underneath, the Fiat 600e is about the same size as a Nissan Kicks, sitting on the smaller side of the subcompact crossover segment. It uses a common Stellantis platform shared with the Europe-only Jeep Avenger EV and Peugeot e-2008 crossover. This means it uses a 54 kWh battery that feeds a front-mounted motor good for 154 horsepower. Fiat says the 600e will zip to 60MPH in a very average 9.0 seconds. The 600e should go 249 miles on a single charge, although that’s on the WLTP cycle of measurement, which is gentler than the US standard. The 600e can DC fast charge at a maximum rate of 100KW.

Initially, the 600e will be all-electric, but like the recently released Jeep Avenger, a gas-electric hybrid 600e will be on offer soon.

the fiat 600e is a small electric crossover that should come here

Fiat says the 600e is not meant for the United States or Canada, however, we’d be completely unsurprised if Fiat changed its mind. The forthcoming Fiat 500e EV city car was also meant to be a Europe-only car, but the brand recently reneged and the 500e will soon be on offer in North America. Given the lack of products at Fiat showrooms, the 600e could be a great offering in North America’s growing EV market.

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  • Marc Miller Marc Miller on Jul 11, 2023

    Can't wait to see the specs on the hybrid 600e. Hybrids are the way to go to eliminate range anxiety. We drive our Chevy Volt all over the place and never have to worry about where to plug in so we can get home!