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The Subaru Outback is a bit of an anomaly in the automotive world. The lifted wagon is one of the few such offerings from a mainstream manufacturer. Other brands have tried to duplicate Subaru’s formula with little success. The current Outback can be had with a pair of engines including a potent 260 hp turbocharge four-cylinder.

If extra capability is required in a crossover wagon, there is the Outback Wilderness. It offers even greater ground clearance, more body protection, and an enhanced versions of Subaru’s X-Mode off-road system.

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Controlled and refined ride, nicely executed interior, standard AWD


More "inoffensive" than "exciting," Non-turbo is gutless, CVT-only

Bottom Line

The new Outback is a good reminder of how and why Subaru is on such a tear in North America. It's more car-like than anything else in the class, but still capable of tackling most trails.

Subaru Crosstrek Vs Forester Vs Outback: Which Wilderness to Choose?

Subaru has launched a new sub-brand of vehicles called Wilderness. This designation is reserved for more off-road capable members of the brand’s vehicle portfolio. First there was the Outback Wilderness, followed by the Forester Wilderness, and most recently, a third member joined the family, the Crosstrek Wilderness.

With a trio of capable, yet different options, we wondered what is the best Subaru Wilderness option? The answer differs depending on priorities, so to help, we have laid out the similarities and differences between Subaru’s off-road ready family in five key areas.

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2023 Subaru Outback Review: Updating the SUV Anomaly

Since 1996, Subaru’s Outback has perennially been one of the brand’s most important models. Consistently pulling in healthy sales figures globally, it defines much of what Subaru is all about.

It’s unsurprising, then, that the Fuji-based company has cautiously evolved the Outback over the decades. The brand never deviating from the proven formula of a slightly lifted, mid-sized wagon with protective body cladding (brief foray with the Outback sedan, notwithstanding).

Now in its sixth generation, the Outback receives a mid-cycle refresh for 2023 and while it’ll take a keen eye to spot the differences, the changes collectively make a great car better.

With the exception of a beefed-up brake booster for the automated braking systems, the Outback heads into 2023 without any mechanical updates. The pair of “boxer” four-cylinder engines soldier on unchanged with a naturally-aspirated 2.5 L producing 182 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque, and the zestier 2.4 L turbocharged variant delivering 260 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. In all Outbacks, power is distributed via a CVT transmission to all four wheels with Subaru’s celebrated full-time, symmetrical all-wheel-drive system.

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Subaru Outback Limited vs Touring: Which Trim is Right for You?

The Subaru Outback has been a segment defying hit for decades.

With wagon sensibilities, SUV styling, and car-like drivability, the Outback is a jack-of-all trades. For the 2023 model year, the mid-size long-roof underwent a significant refresh. It brought forth new stying and new technology. This made an appealing vehicle even more so.

Consumers interested in the Outback have a lot of choice. Currently, there are no fewer than nine different trims to choose from. Two of the most popular are the Limited and Touring, which are also available with a more powerful engine, called the Limited XT and Touring XT. The Limiteds represent the second highest trim levels while the Tourings are the designation reserved for fully loaded Outbacks. To help consumers decide which trim makes the most sense for them, we are comparing the Outback Limited vs Touring, through eight key categories. Read on to see which trim is right for you.

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Detailed Specs

Price$28,895 - $42,795
Engine2.5-liter 4-cylinder / 2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder
Power182 hp / 260 hp
Torque176 lb-ft / 277 lb-ft
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)22–26 mpg / 26–33 mpg
Cargo Capacity32.6 cu ft

Our Final Verdict

Subaru Outback



Quality and Styling7.0
Value8.0 Staff Staff

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  • Richard Young Richard Young on Dec 11, 2019

    Starting with 2010 I will have my 5th Outback when I take delivery of my 2020 Premier XT ( Canadian ) next week. Since 1995 I have had a Mercury , a Lincoln LS , 2 Volvos , An Avalon and a Lexus GS 350 . Over all I have put the Outbacks as my first choice in reliability and dealer service along with personal enjoyment. They have depreciated less then any others . I would recommend them highly to anyone that asked for my opinion.