Want to start saving some money by changing your own oil? Most vehicles can have their oil changed from the comforts of your garage or driveway with a little bit time and labor. Some of the tools you’ll need to change your own oil include a floor jack, jack stands, oil drain pan, and an oil filter wrench. While it’s possible to take off most oil filters with your bare hands, spending a few bucks on an oil filter wrench will make your life a lot easier. Some oil filters feature a slick finish, and depending on where it’s located on your car, could be a pain to grip.

Several companies offer vehicle specific oil filter wrenches, which are sized to match the oil filter on a particular vehicle. If you need an oil filter wrench for a certain car, those are great options as well. But for this article, we’ll be taking a look at universal oil filter wrenches, which are adjustable to accommodate a variety of oil filter sizes.

You’ll notice there are several different designs for oil filter wrenches, and choosing the right one comes down to personal preference for many. Some mechanics prefer band-style wrenches, while others find it easier to remove oil filters with adjustable, 3-jaw wrenches. In this article, we’ll detail a variety of different wrenches, so choose the one that fits your needs. You can even get yourself a wrench with adjustable straps so you can use it around the house.

For more information on the top 10 best oil filter wrenches, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: TEKTON Oil Filter Pliers

tekton 12" oil filter pliers

TEKTON’s oil filter pliers are available in 12″ and 16″ sizes, with the 12″ wrench fitting oil filters up to 4.5″ in diameter and the 16″ wrench designed for oil filters up to 5.5″ in diameter. Both wrenches have a three-position slip joint design to make it easy to adjust to the size of the oil filter. They also feature large teeth that are set at a right angle to the jaw, so they’ll bite in either direction for a secure grip on the oil filter. The long handles on these wrenches feature soft, nonslip material for a comfortable grip.

TEKTON’s oil filter pliers are one of the most popular oil filter wrenches on Amazon, offering extra reach and leverage that other band-style wrenches can’t offer. And since they’re just pliers, they’re easy to use and doesn’t require a ratchet or any other tools.

Product features:

  • Available in 12″ (filters up to 4.5″ in diameter) or 16″ (filters up to 5.5″ in diameter)
  • Three-position slip joint design
  • Right-angle teeth grip
  • Soft, comfortable grips for nonslip control

2. Neiko Two-Way Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

neiko two-way adjustable oil filter wrench

Boasting a patented 3-jaw design is this oil filter wrench from Neiko. Designed to be an easier way to remove oil filters, this two-way adjustable oil filter wrench will work on most vehicles, accommodating oil filters ranging in size from 2.5″ to 4″. This easy-to-use oil filter wrench works with any 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive ratchet or breaker bar, or any 13/16″ wrench. It also boasts a low-profile design, allowing you to deal with low clearance areas. Neiko does include a 3/8″ to 1/2″ conversion socket.

Product features:

  • Patented 3-jaw design
  • Works on oil filters ranging from 2.5″ to 4″ diameter
  • Compatible with 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive ratchet or breaker bar, or 13/16″ wrench
  • Low-profile design
  • Includes 3/8″ to 1/2″ conversion socket

3. Craftsman 2-Piece Rubber Strap Wrench Set

craftsman 2-piece 16" rubber strap wrench

No list of tools would be complete without a product from Craftsman. You can get a 2-piece wrench set for an affordable price, with the larger wrench dealing with oil filters up to 6.375″ in diameter and the smaller wrench handling up to 4″ in diameter. Craftsman’s oil filter wrenches use a strong, reinforced rubber strap for grip. To use these wrenches, simply strap them around the filter, tighten the strap until it grips securely, and turn.

Each wrench features cushioned plastic handles that make them comfortable to hold. And of course, they’re backed by Craftsman’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Product features:

  • Set of 2 wrenches (up to 6.375″ in diameter for larger, up to 4″ in diameter for smaller)
  • Strong, reinforced rubber strap
  • Cushioned plastic handles
  • Backed by Craftman’s Lifetime Guarantee

4. Innovant Adjustable 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench

innovant adjustable 3 jaw oil filter wrench tool

This adjustable 3-jaw oil filter wrench from Innovant is another popular option. It fits oil filters ranging from 2.125″ to 4.5″ and works with either 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive ratchets. Innovant Tools includes a 1/2″ to 3/8″ socket adapter and several pairs of black large nitrile rubber gloves, which is a nice bonus. Using 3 geared metal prongs, this oil filter wrench is very effective on tight filters. With its slim design, it’s easier to use in more confined spaces compared to strap- or chain-type wrenches.

This wrench is designed for smaller oil filters, so make sure it works with your particular car prior to purchasing it. The company does offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product features:

  • Adjustable 3-jaw design
  • Fits oil filters from 2.125″ diameter to 4.5″ diameter
  • Works with either 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive ratchets
  • Includes 1/2″ to 3/8″ socket adapter and black rubber gloves
  • Slim design
  • 60-day money back guarantee

5. Motivx Tools Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

motivx tools adjustable oil filter wrench

Motivx Tools offers two different adjustable oil filter wrenches, one designed for filters sized 2.5″ to 3.25″, while the larger wrench works for filters with diameter 3.15″ to 4.15″. Both wrenches will remove traditional spin off-style oil filters and should not be used for installing a new filter. They also shouldn’t be used on chrome plated oil filters or cartridge-style filters where you have to remove a plastic or metal cap to expose the filter element.

Both wrenches feature a .050″ captured spring along with a tooth-style design for better grip and less slip. The top plate is constructed from 3/8″ thick solid steel, while the jaws are built from nickel-plated 4130 chromoly steel.

Although the product listings on Amazon state these oil filter wrenches have a 1-year warranty, Motivx Tools actually provides limited lifetime warranties on its oil filter wrenches according to the company’s website.

Product features:

  • Available in 2 sizes (2.5″ to 3.25″ and 3.15″ to 4.15″)
  • Designed for traditional spin off-style oil filters
  • Features a .050″ captured spring
  • Tooth-style design
  • 3/8″ solid steel top plate with nickel-plated 4130 chromoly steel jaws
  • Limited lifetime warranty

6. GEARWRENCH Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench

gearwrench heavy duty oil filter wrench

GEARWRENCH offers 2 different types of oil filter wrenches, a band-type wrench and a strap-type wrench. The band-type wrench fits 3.75″ to 4.5″ filters and features a wider band for better grip. Designed for high torque requirements, this wrench uses a strong anchor plate to help remove excessively tight filters from your car.

If you prefer a strap wrench, GEARWRENCH’s offering handles filters up to 9″ in diameter, making it a good option for trucks and tractors. It’s made of high strength oil resistant nylon with a forged steel handle that has been chrome plated. It accommodates 1/2″ and 3/8″ drives.

Product features:

  • Choose from band-type (3.75″ to 4.5″ filters) or strap-type wrench (up to 9″ filters)
  • Designed for high torque requirements
  • Band-type wrench features strong anchor plate
  • Strap-type wrench constructed of oil resistant nylon
  • Chrome plated, forged steel handle accommodates 1/2″ and 3/8″ drives

7. Channellock 9" Oil Filter & PVC Pliers

channellock 9" oil filter and pvc pliers

The Channellock brand is another popular company with mechanics and it offers 9″ long oil filter pliers. Designed to work on most common size car and small engine filters, these pliers have a jaw capacity of 1.75″ to 3.5″. They combine the strength and reliability of Channellock’s iconic Tongue and Groove Plier with the special needs of large PVC and oil filters. The right angle, laser heat-treated teeth provide better grip and durability, while the Permalock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure.

These pliers use high carbon C1080 steel along with an electronic coating for ultimate rust prevention. They also sport Chanellock’s iconic blue handle, which is comfortable to hold and easy to spot among the rest of your tools.

Product features:

  • 9″ length
  • Jaw capacity of 1.75″ to 3.5″
  • Right angle, laser-heat treated teeth
  • Permalock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure
  • High carbon C1080 steel with electronic coating
  • Iconic Channellock blue handle
  • Made in USA

8. TuffMan Tools Oil Filter Wrench Set

tuffman tools oil filter wrench set

If you prefer rubber strap wrenches, TuffMan Tools offers a 2-pack at an affordable price. The larger wrench is adjustable up to 6″ diameter, while the smaller wrench can be adjusted up to 4″ diameter. Each wrench uses adjustable and flexible rubber straps to grip the oil filter and a tight, non-slip grip makes the wrench comfortable to hold. Since these are adjustable strap wrenches, you can even use them on a variety of items around the house, like opening a jar. They can fit on any plastic or PVC fitting and fixtures, which comes in handy since there are two different sized wrenches with each purchase.

Product features:

  • Adjustable rubber strap wrenches
  • Includes large wrench (up to 6″ diameter) and small wrench (up to 4″ diameter)
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Can be used on a variety of items

9. Lisle Oil Filter Swivel Wrench

lisle oil filter swivel wrench

This band-style wrench is a more traditional oil filter wrench. From Lisle, it features a stainless steel band with a permanently bonded textured coating on the handle for gripping power. It works on filters sized 3.5″ to 3.875″, which means it’ll fit most popular 3.625″ sized filters. A swivel handle on this oil filter wrench makes it easy to turn in tight spaces—the handle swivels more than 180 degrees and has adjustable tension.

Product features:

  • Stainless steel band-style wrench
  • Permanently bonded textured coating on handle
  • Fits on filters sized 3.5″ to 3.875″
  • Handle swivels more than 180 degrees
  • Adjustable tension

10. OEMTOOLS Adjustable Magnetic Oil Filter Wrench

oemtools adjustable magnetic oil filter wrench

Our last recommended oil filter wrench comes from OEMTOOLS. Sporting a flashy green finish, this is an adjustable magnetic oil filter wrench with a 3-jaw design. It fits oil filters from 2.4″ to 3.6″ and includes a 3/8″ to 1/2″ drive adapter. Spring-loaded legs provide a secure grip on the filter, along with its magnetic base attachment. It’s an extremely affordable and versatile option, so long as your filter size is under 3.6″.

Product features:

  • Adjustable wrench with 3-jaw design
  • Fits 2.4″ to 3.6″ oil filters
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • Magnetic base attachment
  • Includes 3/8″ to 1/2″ drive adapter

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