Nissan Reportedly Building More Extreme GT-R

Those who were mildly disappointed by the specs of the GT-R SpecV can rest assured that Nissan isn’t finished tweaking its supercar yet.

There’s nothing wrong with the SpecV. In fact, everything about the car is pretty much right. It has lighter wheels for better steering, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes for better stopping, an overboost function for some added power, a stiffer suspension for better handling and less weight for better, well, everything.

Still, it isn’t quite the super-extreme version so many were hoping for and with just 132 lbs cut from the weight of the beast it isn’t exactly light.

According to top Nissan engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno (the man behind the GT-R), an even more extreme version is coming. “The SpecV, in contrast to what you might be thinking, is not the high-performance version of the GT-R,” he told the folks at

Mizuno wouldn’t reveal any more about the car so we’ll just have to dream about a the possibilities, like a 600hp monster, or a truly stripped down track machine… or both….

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[Source: Edmunds]