WorldFirst F3 Race Car Made of Potatoes, Powered by Chocolate


The inventive minds at the the University of Warwick in the U.K. have developed a Formula 3-spec race car made of vegetables and powered by chocolate – and it’s capable of speeds up to 125 mph!

The WorldFirst F3 race car is was created by staff at the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (WIMRC) and was built under the direction of project manager James Meredith. The philosophy behind the projects was to build, “the first Formula 3 racing car designed and made from sustainable and renewable materials, putting the world first by effectively managing the planet’s resources.”

That they most certainly have achieved. The WorldFirst F3 race car features a body bade of potatoes, a steering wheel made of carrots and a seat made of soybeans. The powerplant is a biodiesel engine capable of running on chocolate and vegetable oil and is lubricated by plant-oil based oils.

WIMRC says that the engine is even capable of cleaning the air as it drives, thanks to an emission-destroying catalyst. (To be more accurate, however, such a system wouldn’t actually clean the air, it would just not add any new pollutants to it).

[Source: Inhabitat]


Douglasz06 says:

This is an amazing car. Can you believe it! What are they going to come up with next? Interesting article. Nice.

james wetzel says:

I love to read articicles like this, & I bet there are no million dollar bonus.