2011 BMW M3 Spotted In Dakar Yellow

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Much like Jack Baruth’s Lime Green Audi S5, this BMW M3 is painted in a one-off manner, although whoever ordered the car didn’t reach as far back as Jack’s 1970’s era lime green.

The M3 is painted in Dakar Yellow, a hue available on the late 1990’s M3 and M Coupe models. Costing an extra $5,000, this M3 is also festooned with all sorts of carbon fiber crap that will make your vehicle faster by exactly 0.00 seconds. Either way, we applaud the buyer for not getting an M3 in white, black, grey, silver or blue, and exponentially cooler than the lame Frozen Gray paint.

[Source: Autospies]

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  • John Hoffner John Hoffner on Aug 04, 2010

    While it is true Dakar Yellow was available on the E36 in the late 90's it was also available as early as 1995. There are two versions to boot. Dakar Yellow (Code 267) for the 3.0 liter cars and Dakar Yellow II (Code 337) for the 3.2 liter cars. As for the Frozen Gray paint it would not be a choice for me but to each his own. What I don't understand is people attacking it. It was obviously never intended for the general M3 buyer nor was it designed as a color for a daily driven car. These kind of exclusive cars help perpetuate the product in design and in the eye of the public.