Mahindra Soap Opera Takes a New Turn as U.S. Launch Looks Unlikely

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans
mahindra soap opera takes a new turn as u s launch looks unlikely

Well it ever get here? Based on the latest scuttlebutt regarding the U.S. launch of Mahindra’s compact pickup, it’s looking less likely with each passing day. Global Vehicles USA, the licensed distributor for Mahindra vehicles in this country has filed a lawsuit against the Indian manufacturer for repeated delays in bring the trucks over, which is costing Global a pretty penny, since GV has already signed up approximately 350 dealers and spent nearly $35 million in preparation for launching the Mahindra pickup Stateside.

According to Mike Geylin, spokesman for GV USA, Mahindra has repeatedly dragged its feet regarding the launch date and the lawsuit “seeks to compel the Indian company to honor it’s contractual obligations and begin shipping [the vehicles] pursuant to existing and long standing orders placed by Global Vehicles on behalf of its dealers.”

Mahindra spokesman Pawan Goenka stated that “we are going as per (our) original plan for the launch of the pickup truck (December 2010), but can’t say on the actual time of the launch as it will depend on the outcome of the litigation.” The soap opera continues…

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  • Don Don on Jul 13, 2010

    This is a real shame. I know hundreds of people that I have personally talked to that are ready to take ownership of these trucks. I've got a list compiled of over 400 people with serious interest. We built a top notch state of the art dealership on the promise we would have the trucks last year. We have been told absolutely NOTHING from Mahindra or GVUSA. We ordered 40 trucks to our specifications over a year ago. Its costing us! Mahindra needs to come forward and explain why they haven't applied for EPA certification and they need to be honest with GVUSA about their relationship. I believe they are trying to come here without the aid of a distributor, or at least without GVUSA

  • Chad Chad on Jul 13, 2010

    My money is in the diesel engine emissions. They have a hard time getting them to CARB specs (to create a 50-state vehicle) at a cost they are willing to pass on to the buyers.