Volvo V70 Returning to America, as a Hybrid?


Volvo enthusiasts and station wagons go together like peanut butter and jam. This desire for Volvo-wagons is especially strong in America, where the brand loyalists keep complaining about the lack of wagons, especially since it was announced awhile back that the sleek new V60 would not make it Stateside.

Not to worry, the new CEO of Volvo Stephen Jacoby has heard your pleas and is coming to your rescue. He has now hinted that the new V60 might come to the U.S.A. perhaps as an “enthusiast vehicle.”

But before you start celebrating the return of something like the old V70R, this new model will get its power boost via electricity. Yes, Volvo is well on its way to develop a hybrid gas-electric vehicle and this technology might premiere in the new V60.

Hopefully this should be enough to keep Volvo fans in Volvo showrooms.

[Source: SwedeSpeed via Autoblog]