New York 2011: 2012 Jaguar XK-RS, XF Revealed

New York 2011: 2012 Jaguar XK-RS, XF Revealed

One of the worst kept secrets at the New York Auto Show belong to Jaguar, which unveiled their revised XF and XK luxury cars, including a 550 horsepower XK-RS.

The XK-RS is billed as the fastest Jaguar ever, with a 550 horsepower version of the 5.0L supercharged V8. Jaguar hinted that their power rating was a bit below what the car’s actually capable of, and we’ll welcome the chance to verify this claim, as well as the car’s 186 mph top speed.

The XF sedan gets minor styling tweaks both inside and out, while the XFR gets a more aggressive bodywork treatment to help differentiate it from the more sedate members of the XF family. A new Jaguar leaping cat badge will also be found on the decklid, giving teenage vandals a new target for their hijinks.

Gallery: 2012 Jaguar XK-RS and XF

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