Suzuki Disatisfied With VW, May Collaborate With Fiat Instead

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay

In 2010, Volkswagen took a twenty-percent stake in Suzuki, and virtually no progress has been made from the alliance since then. Neither side has been thrilled with the coalition and the two automakers have even stated cultural differences as being a factor in the failed relationship.

Both automakers had different goals: VW wanted to expand into the Asian small-car market, while Suzuki wanted to take advantage of VW’s expertise in diesel, hybrid, and electric cars. As a result, Suzuki may be looking to take its talents to Italy.

Currently, Suzuki has made a deal with Fiat to supply the SX4 crossover for rebadging as the Sedici in Europe. Sources have indicated that Suzuki is looking for ways to further its relationship with Fiat, however the Italian automaker has not indicated whether the feeling is mutual.

As it stands, the Japanese and German automaker have clearly expected more out of this partnership, yet neither are progressing. Suzuki and VW are likely to split but the Japanese automaker has more to lose, so expect to see a move sooner rather than later.

[Source: Truck Trend]

Harry Lay
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