New Porsche GT3 Won't Get a Dual-Clutch Transmission

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Despite reports to the contrary, the next iteration of the Porsche GT3 will not get a dual-clutch PDK transmission. This news comes direct from Porsche CEO Matthias Muller in a recent interview with Motor Trend.

According to the earlier info the 991 GT3 was set to receive a new PDK-S unit that would be lighter than the current version used, making it more suitable for the track-capable street car. The issue of whether or not a dual-clutch “automatic” is appropriate for a purists car like the GT3 seems to now be solved. This move comes as somewhat of a surprise as one of Porsche’s main goals with the new 911 was to make it a nicer (read: more comfortable) driving experience. And a dual-clutch unit would certainly make the GT3 more accessible to a new group of buyers – even if it’s seen as the worst thing since the Cayenne by the Porsche faithful.

It goes without saying that eventually the GT3 will get a dual-clutch transmission, although the good news is Porsche certainly isn’t ready to give up on the stick-shift just yet. With a new 7-speed unit developed for the 2012 911 (above), Muller comments that as long as customers demand a stick shift, Porsche will deliver.

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[Source: MotorTrend]

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  • Gerald Gerald on Jan 06, 2012

    How do i get a dual-clutch "automatic" on an existing gt3?

  • Rick944turbo Rick944turbo on Apr 05, 2012

    Well I am a Porsche guy,owned 3 porsches with the GT3 my next purchase as long as it has a stick shift. However it will probably not be the new 2012 4inch longer redesigned one. I went and looked at it. It is amazing how something that is perfect can be screwed up with a model change. They moved the windshiel post and made the flat front look like a frog faced platapus. The prior Porsche GT3 RS was a work of art. Way to go Porsche screw up a good thing. I will probbly purchase a 2011 or earlier to have a really sporty car. Porsche seems to be leaving the sport arena for old lazy people with tons of money which is probaly their only salvation but they did not have a problem selling the GT3 4.0, so why not leave it alone and let the public know next time whats for sale so we can get one to.

    • Teila Teila on Oct 14, 2014

      Good thing Porsche woke up and smelled the coffee. A manual shifter doesn't cut it on the track if the GT3 is supposed to be a track car (we all know that), unless your point is to drive around the track beaming with nostalgia instead of trying to manage faster lap times. I think most people want that faster lap times, and although I love the old Porsche shifters, I'd much rather have a dual clutch paddle shifter.... Oh, and so does over 80% of people seriously looking at buying a GT3. What Porsche needs to do is stop fiddling around with that 6cyl engine and replace it with a Carrera GT inspired 10cyl., otherwise it's working on being a 2nd tier track car. (just my opinion of course) ;)