Saab Phoenix Architecture Sold to China’s Youngman

Saab Phoenix Architecture Sold to China’s Youngman

Though Youngman’s attempts to save Saab proved futile, it appears that the Chinese automaker isn’t giving up on Saab-related assets. Youngman announced that they’ve acquired the rights to Saab’s Phoenix vehicle architecture and also announced that they have intentions of setting up a firm in Sweden to develop a new car based on the Phoenix platform.

The Phoenix vehicle architecture was originally designed by Saab and was going to be used for the next-generation 9-3. It is believed that the platform is not based on any previous General Motors-based designs.

Now the more interesting fight may begin, with Saab entering bankruptcy. Will Youngman try to pull some sort of ploy where they’ll successfully acquire Saab’s name, branding and factory?

[Source: Left Lane News]