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One of the things we all do as car and truck owners is customize our vehicles to some extent. While some of us may go to great lengths to make a vehicle stand out, there are some personal touches that are pretty common and beneficial at the same time. One of the best examples of this is adding seat covers. Seat covers, like those available from Seat Covers Unlimited, add a bit of personality to our vehicles, while at the same time adding a layer of protection to the upholstery. When adding seat covers, the experts at Seat Covers Unlimited can custom make covers that reflect your personality while at the same time making a significant upgrade to your vehicle’s seats. It’s a great way to add some character to your car.

The Importance of Fit

A seat cover has to fit right to work and look good. Extra fabric makes the seat cover slide around and hang off to the side, and if it doesn’t cover the seat right, it won’t really add anything in the form of protection. That’s why trusting the experts at Seat Covers Unlimited is the way to go. You get seat covers that are matched to your specific year, make and model of vehicle, with the same seating configuration you own. They have seat covers to fit models from over 36 car manufacturers, so you can find the right covers, no matter what you drive. Whether you drive an old Datsun, or a new Mercedes, you can find the right seat covers to fit your ride. They even sell seat covers for golf carts and mobility scooters.

And the fit goes beyond the obvious, too. You can opt for covers to fit the little touches, like the arm rest in your center console, or the fold-out center headrest in your third-row seats. It is a nice touch to keep your vehicle looking fresh and as if it came with those bold-patterned seats right from the factory.

Materials Matter

Seat covers can be made from several different materials for specific looks, and/or features. Seat Covers Unlimited offers a leatherette material that gives you the look and feel of leather without the cost. It also allows for some color stitching for a sweet, custom look. Along those same luxury lines, you can also opt for a sheepskin material for extreme comfort.

Active lifestyles call for active materials, and what is better than neoprene for blocking the elements? You can get a wide range of seat covers made from a neoprene material that blocks moisture from getting to the actual seat. These seat covers also offer you comfort from extreme heat and cold. What makes it even better is the wide range of color options, including Hawaiian floral prints, bold color blocks and a massive array of camouflage patterns.

You can also get some cool Seat Covers Unlimited products made from upholstery-grade cloth, which is the same basic materials used to make your car’s original upholstery. This gives you a very clean, factory look for your seat covers. Perhaps you bought a car with gray seats but really wanted black? These seat covers can make that happen for a fraction of what it would cost to recover your seats.

Even more options exist, including saddlecloth materials, and animal print velour. There are also heavy-duty materials designed for those who spend a lot of time getting in and out of their car such as a work truck or company car. Let the heavy-duty fabric seat cover take the abuse instead of the vehicle’s original upholstery. It makes for better resale value, and causes less wear and tear on the car.

The Great Outdoors

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will like that dozens of camouflage patterns are available, including the leading popular camo patterns on the market like Realtree and Mossy Oak. These can be had in waterproof materials as well, making them perfect for duck hunters.

Don’t wait. Head over to Seat Covers Unlimited and beat the holiday rush. These seat covers make a great gift.

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