Fisker Says Almost All Recalled Karmas Have Been Fixed

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
fisker says almost all recalled karmas have been fixed

Before the New Year, Fisker announced that their Karma plug-in hybrid luxury sedan would be recalled for a potential battery coolant leak issue, and it appears that they’ve worked quickly to resolve it. Now the American green car automaker has said that a majority of all customer cars and dealer-held vehicles with the A123-supplied battery pack have brand new battery packs fitted, or a repair has been done to the hose clamp assembly.

It’s been a mere two weeks since Fisker was first made aware of the issue, so kudos to them for acting quickly in resolving the issue. The remaining customers have already been contacted and appointments are in the books for their replacement battery installations.

“We will always react quickly to ensure the safety and quality of our cars. We decided that the immediate replacement of the battery pack in every vehicle was the right approach for all our customers,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Automotive. “We identified the appropriate fix, made our retailers aware of the situation and began contacting all our customers within 48 hours and were well advanced with the recall ourselves before the official posting on the NHSTA website.”

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  • DelMarVa DelMarVa on Feb 06, 2012

    Here's something else that should be "recalled" re: the Fisker: The US Taxpayer's half Billion $$ that was shelled out as seed money for car production that was to be done in the USA - in Delaware .. but, where are the cars actually being made? Finland! How about it, Fisker .. give us back our half Billion $$ !!