NHTSA Looking to Mandate Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Tech

NHTSA Looking to Mandate Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Tech

In the continued pursuit to make our roadways as safe as possible, several automakers, like BMW, have been researching vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology which could become mandatory in the future.

A decision will come next year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in whether or not it will mandate the technology for future vehicles.

While the technology itself isn’t new, the concept of vehicle-to-vehicle communication is still in its infancy stages and hasn’t proven itself to be a reliable method to reduce accidents. But even in its young stage, it has already shown its potential in what it can do by allowing vehicles to communicate with one another in order to avoid collisions.

NHTSA is currently wrapping up a study to determine the merits of vehicle-to-vehicle communication and should reach a conclusion soon on whether or not they’ll mandate the technology for future vehicles by 2013. That is, a decision will be made by 2013 but we shouldn’t expect the technology to really be fully integrated for another decade. It’s also safe to assume any mandate they pass won’t go into effect anytime soon either.

What is remarkable though is that NHTSA believes about 80-percent of crashes could be avoided through any use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]