Willie Nelson’s Rolls-Royce Themed Golf Cart at Barrett-Jackson

Attention frat boys and country music fans: Willie Nelson’s Rolls-Royce styled golf cart will be up for auction in Palm Beach, Fla. during the upcoming auction from April 5 through 7.

Built in 1981 and given to the country music legend by his former wife, Connie, the electric-powered cart features a Rolls grille and hood ornament and body-styling to match. That’s cool, but as is true with so many other things Willie, the real fun doesn’t begin until the substances start flowing.

The miniature party-mobile has an on-board wet bar with buttons for bourbon, gin, scotch, vodka and a W for water or whiskey. The auction winner will be able to enjoy those beverages while sitting on velvet seats with “Willie” embroidery surrounded by a crest.

Anyone familiar with Florida culture will know that depending on where you are a golf cart is about as common for transportation as a traditional car. That means if the cart stays locally owned, it could be seen humming along to a tee time or just the nearest beach.

Two bags of Nelson’s personal golf bags also come with the purchase, though the drivers, putters, woods and irons are absent.

Seized by the IRS (it looks like they beat the DEA to the punch) from Nelson’s Pedernales Golf Course, the auction is set to start with no reserve.

If you have the cash and feel like one-upping Van Wilder this is probably the purchase for you.

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[Source: Barrett-Jackson]