Portuguese Police Chases Limited to 100 Mile Range

The Portuguese police force has taken delivery of eight Nissan Leaf vehicles which are being put into active duty fighting crime. Well, only if that crime is happening within 100 miles. 

This marks the first police force in the world to use the all-electric Nissan Leaf, an appropriate debut, as Portugal was also the first country to offer the car for sale in Europe.

The new all-electric fleet will be used mainly as part of a safe school program, but they are full police vehicles and can be used for a multitude of different things. Earlier this year, the Berlin police force took order of a new fleet of Prii (the plural for Prius), showing that hybrid and electric fleet vehicles are starting to catch on.

“We pride ourselves in being the first police force in the world to incorporate cars with zero-emission technology as part of our 5,000 vehicle fleet,” said police superintendent Paul Gomes Valente.