Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser is an LF-LC Made for Santa

Lexus may have hit the eggnog a little early this year. It’s unveiling a “Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser” that apparently saved the day for Santa.

That, or the Japanese automaker discovered Photoshop in time for the holidays. Taking its LF-LC model, Lexus is joining the cheerful holiday season with “800 reindeer power” thanks to an advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system “that creates fewer emissions than even a single reindeer,” according to the Japanese automaker.

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Of course this is all for fun, with the LF-LC also sporting an LED and infrared light with stereo cameras to help on foggy nights, even without Rudolph. We’re just jealous that Santa got the best toy of all for Christmas this year.

“I can’t thank Lexus enough for making sure all the girls and boys around the world have a great Christmas,” said Santa, with a twinkle in his eye. “You’ll go down in history.”

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