Audi, MINI Among Those with Highest Engine Failure Rates


According to a recent study in the UK, Audi and MINI are among the automakers with the most engine failures.

In a poll conducted by Warranty Direct , the company studied its claims data to compile the study, with Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz topping the lists of automakers with the most reliable engines. Honda had an engine failure of 0.29 percent, while Toyota came in second with 0.58 percent. Mercedes had one engine failure for every 119 engines, a failure rate of 0.84 percent.

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It should be noted that the study was performed in the UK and so does not include data on the Big Three (Chrysler, Ford and GM), while it does include data on cars from automakers not offered in North America, including MG Rover, which topped the list for the most engine failures with a 7.88-percent failure rate. Audi was second worst with a 3.71 percent while MINI was in third with 2.51 percent. It’s also worth noting that BMW was in seventh place and Volkswagen came ninth from the bottom.

The study conducted had 36 automakers on it, with Audi, BMW, MINI, and Volkswagen all finishing in the bottom 10.

[Source: Autoexpress UK]

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Eekolac says:

Engine failure rate according to Warranty Direct: 
  VOLKSWAGEN 1 in 52 (1.91%)
  AUDİ                 1 in 27 (3.71%)

Evolucion7 says:

The Big Three all sell cars in the UK. GM owns Vauxhall and Ford is huge in the UK. Both sell cars with engines that are available in the States. So, why wouldn’t they be represented in this study?

el_papa says:

I’ve just had an Audi A8 engine fail with only 110k on the clock. What a
pile of *&%^.