Infiniti IPL Models to Receive Input from Red Bull Racing F1 Team

Infiniti and Red Bull Racing have stepped up their relationship for 2013 and beyond, and it appears that the F1 team will contribute to the development of future Infiniti IPL models. 

There’s no denying the fact that the IPL models have been lackluster, especially considering their premise was to compete along the same lines of other high-performance divisions from other automakers. But it looks like that’s all going to change heading into the future, and the Japanese automaker plans on making its IPL lineup a very serious contender in the performance marketplace.

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Red Bull Racing will collaborate with Infiniti on the upcoming Q50 IPL, and though it may not compete with the likes of say, BMW’s M3, it should offer more performance and sportier handling than its non-IPL counterpart. If the Sebastian Vettel Edition Infiniti FX is any indication of what is possible when both parties involved work closely together, the IPL brand could bring some much needed excitement to the Infiniti brand.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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