Top 10 Cars Favored by Gen Y

10. Acura TSX - 34.3%

How do you get Generation Y interested in cars? To answer that question perhaps the best move is to take a look at what cars they do already like.

Thanks to new stats provided by J.D. Power and Associates we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cars with the highest percentage of buyers aged of 16 to 35 in 2012. And if there is one common theme, it’s that Generation Y isn’t big on domestics, with just one vehicle from the Big 3 making the list.

Kicking off the top 10 list is the Acura TSX, where 34.3 percent of its buyers were between the ages of 16 to 35. The entry-level sedan offers luxury amenities at a budget price, while providing owners with the reliability and comfort that Acura is known for. The Acura TSX had an average MSRP (the average price across all trim levels) of $32,251 last year.


MistyGreen says:

Many of these prices seem way, way too high to me.  The Jetta starts at about $16k, not 23k, same with the Impreza.  Where are you getting these numbers from?  Average actual market cost?

Colum Wood says:

You are correct about the high prices. According to JD Power the numbers are the “average MSRP” based on all trim-levels available. The story has been updated to reflect that.

chadbag says:

They averaged all the various versions MSRPs together.  While nobody really pays MSRP, it is a valid way to compare.  And while the Jetta may start at $16k, the average Jetta is not $16k

Tom Mikele says:

16-year olds buying an Acura TSX? BS, not happening unless Daddy is a Wall Street moron living in Westchester or Fairfield county.

fvc2 says:

Very well said. But, the Daddy doesn’t have to be Wall Street moron if the 16-year old kid drive TSX. More like Euro cars for 16 year olds from Wall Street morons. TSX is more like typical “nation-wide” spoiled surbaban spoiled brats, etc

Guest says:

The stats used are misleading. These aren’t necessarily the most popular cars among 16 – 35 year olds. They have the highest percentage of their buyers in that age range. So they are not necessarily the most favored cars of that age range. 

guest says:

If you sold 5000 TSX’s in a year and 4000 of them sold to the 16-35 age group then the Gen Y buyers are 80% of the sales. That doesn’t mean that they’re preferring the TSX over a Civic SI it just means that a civic sells 80,000 units a year and 30,000 are to age group 16-35. So 80% are TSX stats and 37% are civic stats. Meaning J.D. is statistically telling the truth and lying at the same time

buckster says:

Im the last of the boomers, and I just purchased a dodge challenger.. Im going to go political on you…how come the Y gen overwhemingly the votes for obama and no GM models including the Chevy Volt are in this list???? obama was the savior of GM with your tax $$$, and the Y gen drives mostley foregn makes???? I thought the Y geners were suppose to go green, save the planent,  help out the union workers of America, and bring back job the the US ( now the peoples republic of obamaville P R O )……. sometime in your life watch Fox news it helps…..

Y generation says:

I’m sorry Mister from boomer generation, but you are very ignorant and biased. The whole notion of “foreign makes” is very old like you because lots of “foreign makes” is actually made in this country as well as the parts of the cars are from “foreign” countries. Let me guess. You go rage about whole “foreign makes”, but your kids actually at least once drove “foreign makes” car.

Ben B says:

The current model Ford Focus is as non American and as American as the current model VW Golf. We live in a global world now. There is no borders.

anon123 says:

Fox ‘news’ viewers exhibit classical confirmation bias. I.E. you watch fox ‘news’ it tells you what you want to hear, and you think you know what you are talking about. But… you don’t.

I prefer the internet… And if an article seems biased, I look up more info.

Also, why do conservatives make lame jokes/phrases relating to Obama? I mean, disagree with his policies all you want, but what is with the childish quips?

anon123 says:

Screw cars, I want reliable and useful public transit.

It is annoying sitting in traffic for 60+ min every Frikin’ day.

Jan Snider says:

My youngest daughter is a Gen Y kid. She just got her first new car ever ( I was not going to co-sign for Her a car, period). She chose a ’14 Corolla Le ECO. She has driven Nissan Sentra, Honda Accord and Honda del Sol, even a Toyota Camry Hybrid. She likes the style of the vehicle and the simple to use controls. This car feels taught on the highway yet light in the city. She did NOT vote for Obama, does NOT watch Fox News and DOES NOT have any tattoos.
I did not help her make this decision. The Toyota sold itself, the other makes had similar equipment but it was all optional. She likes the idea of saving the planet, waste not want not. She got her payment where she wanted it, after an afternoon of talking to the dealer.
Don’t count the Gen “Y” kids out yet. As a boomer, I am glad they are taking the reins.