All-Wheel Drive Sales Gaining Traction

All-wheel drive-equipped vehicle sales have increased in recent years with sales growing 53 percent since 2009 based on data from R.L. Polk.

Over the same period, Ford has seen its all-wheel drive sales grow 72 percent, and though it’s still a pricey option for most cars and crossovers, it has become an important safety feature in certain regions of America. Naturally, all-wheel drive vehicles are becoming more popular in regions where tire grip is a necessity to keep from skidding on snow and ice. All-wheel drive has become more attractive now that models equipped have narrowed the gap in fuel economy.

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Last year, one out of five new vehicles sold came with all-wheel drive. Many of the latest all-wheel drive systems, like the one found on the Ford Explorer, will detect icy conditions and switch on the four-wheel drive. These systems, since they are not full-time all-wheel drive, help save on fuel.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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