Electric Vehicle Sales Climbing Faster than Hybrids Did

Electric Vehicle Sales Climbing Faster than Hybrids Did

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a graph showing that electric vehicles are outselling hybrids over the same period of time since their introduction to the market.

The chart is a little skewed considering when hybrids were first introduced, it was a very foreign technology for automobile owners. Electric vehicle sales can benefit from the success of hybrids over the years. Regardless, it shows the potential of electric vehicles for the future and perhaps sales aren’t as sluggish as they’re perceived to be.

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Recently it was announced that the 100,000th electric vehicle was sold in America with sales of plug-in electric cars tripling last year to 53,000 from 17,500 in 2011. Of course there has also been the emergence of the popular Tesla Model S which has boosted the total number of electric vehicles on the road. With the BMW i3 just around the corner, we could finally be entering a generation where electric vehicles will be considered a success.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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