Toyota Recalls Hybrid Crossovers and Lexus Cars

Toyota Recalls Hybrid Crossovers and Lexus Cars

Toyota is conducting two voluntary safety recalls. One applies to a couple of its hybrids, the other to a handful of Lexus models.

Approximately 133,000 Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX400h hybrids are being called back for potentially faulty transistors in their drivetrain inverter assemblies. Heat damage can occur to these electronic parts due to variations in their parallel circuits.

Should this problem arise various warning lights in the vehicles’ instrument clusters will illuminate and the crossovers will likely enter “limp-home mode,” with limited on-road functionality. In some instances the fault will completely stop the vehicle.

Lexus-RX400hAffected Highlanders are from model years 2006 through 2010. Applicable Lexus RX400h crossovers were built between 2006 and 2008.

Additionally the company is recalling Lexus IS 350, IS 350C and GS 350 cars because of a potential engine fault. Bolts that hold the variable valve timing control device in place can become loose, which can stop the vehicle in its tracks, even while it’s being driven. An early-warning symptom of the problem is abnormal engine noise immediately after startup.

Toyota will notify owners of affected vehicles by first-class mail, so if you’ve got a Highlander, RX400h or any of the Lexus cars mentioned above keep an eye on your postbox.

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