Maybach Nameplate May Return on New S-Class

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole
maybach nameplate may return on new s class
Daimler’s über luxury Maybach division was quietly discontinued last year but rumors seem to indicate the brand could be coming back.

Reports suggest with “high probability” that the name could be applied to special versions of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class flagship sedan, perhaps a long-wheelbase or maybe even a Pullman model.

The long-wheelbase version of the car is expected to feature 2+2 seating, but the Pullman could go for a triple-duce arrangement, 2+2+2. Of course at this point nobody knows for certain, it could seat a dozen people, party-bus style in chairs made from wicker.

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A super-stretch version of the S-Class featuring a hub-to-hub span that’s nearly eight inches greater than the standard long-wheelbase model is rumored to be in the works as well.

The Maybach name would almost certainly be reserved exclusively for the highest-end variants of the brand’s Sonderklasse flagship. Where and when it could go on sale is a total unknown right now.


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