Top 10 Most Ridiculously Priced Car Options

If You Have to Ask You Can't Afford It

So, you’re in the market for a new car. Your ‘88 Toyota Tercel has served you faithfully for the past decade and a half since you purchased it following your second divorce. But now it’s high time for something with a few features, not to mention a body structure that’s doesn’t consist entirely of ferrous oxide. Savvy shoppers will visit for the latest news, freshest reviews and handiest buying tools.

You can start your car-purchasing journey by comparing vehicles side by side and looking at prices.  But that’s not always the easiest way to do things. Features that may be standard on one particular model could cost extra on another. And then you have to factor in the asterisks (*) daggers (†) or other disclaimer marks. Certain options may cost a lot more than you bargained for because they have to be tied in with other features. Opting for aluminum trim accents instead of wood for instance could force you to get a sport package… and pay a lot more in the process.

Certain automakers are more adept at bilking buyers than others. Some of them have figured out how to charge exorbitant sums for items that should be free. Presented for your reading enjoyment (and as a stern warning), here’s a list of our Top 10 insanely Expensive Car Options.


HMS says:

your article sucks whoever wrote this obviously isnt a car guy. kill yourself.

Rickers says:

Agreed. Suicide is obviously the logical result here.

nonobaddog says:

These multi-page articles are just too aggravating to even read. I never open them.

Tunseeker says:

Look at the options list for a Porsche 918 options
911 Turbo S “Edition 918 Spyder.” ($161,650 or $173,050)
Weissach package ($84,000)
Liquid Metallic Silver or Liquid Metallic Chrome Blue paint ($63,000),
magnesium wheels ($32,500),
authentic leather interior seating ($26,000),
carbon fiber interior package ($7500),
front axle lift system ($10,500)
, comfort electric heating ($6000, to heat the cabin even when the car is in full electric mode)
, seat belts with accent stripes ($1800),
carbon floormat with piping ($1725),
and a painted key with leather pouch ($1380).