Google Android Auto Aims to Curb Distracted Driving

Google’s new in-car user interface will discourage distracted driving by locking the device once it connects.

Last week, Google unveiled its Android Auto user interface in San Francisco, saying 21 automakers in the U.S. have already committed to offer the system in their vehicles. When a user plugs their phone in, the car will take over the phone functions and disables the handset. Google hopes that it can entice drivers with a feature list long enough to keep them from wanting to use their phones while driving.

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It’s the same strategy that Apple CarPlay uses to cut down on distracted driving. In total, the two operating systems account for 95 percent of the smartphone market. Android Auto will allow drivers to make calls, send text messages and access Google Maps. Users can also stream music with services including Spotify and Pandora, primarily through voice controls.

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Hyundai is expecting to offer both CarPlay and Android Auto in the new 2015 Sonata mid-size sedan by the end of the year. Audi will begin offering the Android interface to its European customers in 2015 with the U.S. market to follow in 2016.

[Source: Automotive News]