EPA Eyes Test-Track Audits to Keep MPG Ratings Honest

The Environmental Protection Agency’s real-world tests for fuel economy could mean test-track audits.

As reported earlier, the EPA is pushing for real-world tests in order for automakers to publish their fuel economy claims and those tests could come in the form of track testing. According to an EPA spokeswoman in speaking to Edmunds, the agency “is considering requiring automakers to perform supplemental test-track audits of production vehicles to validate the values for aerodynamic drag and tire friction, which are important data inputs for our laboratory fuel economy testing.”

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The spokeswoman also wanted to clarify that EPA is not “considering creating public roadway test procedures to replace laboratory testing.” The recent considerations by EPA to update testing procedures come as automakers worldwide have had to recall their fuel economy claims with Hyundai and Kia having to pay up to $395 million due to overstated MPG figures.

[Source: Edmunds]