Nissan Navara Platform to Underpin US Midsize Pickup

Nissan Navara Platform to Underpin US Midsize Pickup

Nissan will turn to its Navara pickup to help develop a new truck for the U.S. market.

According to a report by The Truth About Cars, the Japanese automaker is scrapping its plan to build a next-generation Frontier pickup for the U.S. market based on the first-generation truck. It appears that bringing the first-generation Frontier platform up to modern crash standards is too expensive. Instead, Nissan will develop a new pickup based on the Navara’s architecture.

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The company believes there’s a market for a small, fuel-efficient truck with an attractive price tag. Unfortunately, the Navara is too expensive for the U.S. market so expect Nissan to use the Navara for its ability to pass stringent crash tests while sporting a modern, diesel engine under the hood.

Nissan Mexico will be in charge of engineering the truck to meet NAFTA standards and the current Frontier will be available until 2018, which is when the new truck is expected to arrive.

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[Source: TTAC]

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