10 Amazing Options on the 2015 Corvette Z06

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Even with “just” 460 hp on tap the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a beastly machine. Like a jet fighter at full afterburner this ultra-high-performance car can blast from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 3.8 seconds. Giving imported rivals a red, white and blue middle finger it stickers at 29 miles per gallon highway.

Upping the insanity factor will be the even more powerful Z06 model. Propelled by a 6.2-liter supercharged small block, this ‘Vette kicks exotic-car ass with 650 SAE-certified horses. But there’s so much more to it than just a fire-breathing engine. One glance at the Z06’s order sheet reveals that it’s available with some very interesting options.

1. Plenty of colors to choose from!

You can have any color as long as it’s black, or one of nine other available shades. Yes, the 2015 Corvette Z06 is offered in 10 different hues, colors ranging from Velocity Yellow Tintcoat to Night Race Blue Metallic to Torch Red. The names alone make the car seem even faster. Which is your favorite?

2. There are even colored calipers

In addition to a wide variety of exterior hues, buyers also have a choice of what color their Z06’s brake calipers are coated. Understandably there are fewer options but three choices is still pretty cool. Those hues include black, yellow and dark gray metallic. But why no red? A performance machine with massive brakes practically screams for crimson-colored calipers.

3. Would you like carbon fiber with that?

Adding some style, you can also opt for a carbon-fiber ground-effects kit. The lightweight woven material is stronger than it should be given how little it weighs. Beyond its aerodynamics-improving functionality it also adds a dash of style to the already aggressive Corvette Z06.

4. How about Corvette Museum delivery?

As with lesser ‘Vettes, true enthusiasts can take delivery of their new baby at the Corvette National Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Option R8C is available from any Chevrolet dealer and costs $990. Aside from taking delivery on hallowed ground customers also get a factory tour, commemorative placard and more. If you opt for museum delivery please try to sidestep the sinkhole.

5. You can pick your own VIN

To make your new Z06 truly yours, Chevrolet allows you to choose your own VIN, that is, vehicle identification number (NOT VIN NUMBER; that’s more redundant than putting salt in soy sauce). You can customize the VIN ending to correspond with your birthday, winning lottery numbers or just about anything else, so long as it fits the production sequence.

6. Or feel like a race car driver with a flat-bottomed steering wheel

For some added visual flair, not to mention enhanced ergonomics, you can deck your Z06 out with a special three-spoke, microfiber-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel. Fitted with this fancy tiller there should be NO excuse for losing grip, unless of course we’re talking about the rear end and you’ve buried the accelerator deep into the floor mat’s pile.

7. There’s even custom luggage

For an added sense of specialness Z06 drives can also opt for custom luggage. If this is something that tickles your crossed-flags fancy just look for option S2L in the order guide.

8. Or you can relive your greatest moments

The Corvette still has a uniquely old-school vibe thanks to its rumbling pushrod V8. But in a nod to the digital age the car is also equipped with tons of high-end electronics. And one curious option is the Performance Data and Video Recorder. This available extra enables you to relive your greatest on-track antics in HD. For an extra serving of automotive geekery it even overlays telemetry data. The system was developed in conjunction with Cosworth and features a dedicated microphone and a camera mounted in the windshield header.

9. Make 650-HP seem even faster with a SHORT rear end

Numerically lower axle ratios can provide enhanced fuel economy. To help maximize MPG, Z06 drivers can opt for an absurdly low 2.41 rear end. The unit is electronically controlled and limited-slip. A 3.42 ratio is also offered. With 650 lb-ft of maximum torque on tap a 0.01 rear-end would probably work just fine in this car.

10. And because fast cars need fast tires. . .

Want to turn better lap times? One of the easiest ways to improve your car’s handling and make it faster through corners is to upgrade the rubber it rides on. Giving Z06 drivers racing-grade performance are available Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires.

These black doughnuts are standard fare on some of the highest performing street cars in the world. They feature a treadwear rating of just 180 meaning they’re super soft and probably stickier than melted gum. They also carry a AA traction rating and a temperature score of A. Suffice it to say these are SERIOUS tires that are probably just half a step away from racing slicks.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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