2016 Camaro Photos Leaked


2016 Camaro photos have leaked online ahead of the car’s official debut.

The car was shown on CNBC this morning completely uncovered and forum users on GM Inside News grabbed three screen shots, showing both the front and rear end of the new Chevy muscle car.

Many exact details are still unknown at this point, though Chevy has already dropped some info on the 2016 Camaro. It will offer a 6.2-liter V8, while a turbocharged four-cylinder is also rumored to be joining the ranks to compete with the new Mustang EcoBoost. We also know that the new Camaro will feature magnetic ride control suspension on the SS model, which will come with three selectable settings: tour, sport and track.

A dual-mode exhaust will also be an option on the car and will feature a number of settings. Choose track mode and additional flaps that bypass the mufflers during hard acceleration will open up to let that V8 roar, while stealth mode will also be an option to quiet the car down.

Handling is said to be improved thanks to a chassis that is 28 percent stiffer and 220-pounds lighter than the current car.

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A few details on aerodynamic improvements have also been divulged, with Chevy saying that a new flush belly pan that stretches from the front of the car to the center of the vehicle has helped to reduce total lift by 30 percent.

We will have more 2016 Camaro photos when the car makes its official debut tomorrow, May 16, at a special event at Detroit’s Belle Isle.

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laserwizard says:

Unremarkable and certainly not new looking – the Mustang will eat this for lunch.

Kevin Booth says:

They’ve played it safe on the exterior design, but I’m sure that this will eat the Mustang for lunch where it counts.

And to be fair, the Camaro didn’t have as much ground to cover as the Mustang did to get to this point.

nbm02ss says:

If the SS comes with the new LT1 and clocks in around the same weight, as rumored, I believe it’s the Mustang that will get eaten for lunch. Not to mention the option for magnetic ride control makes it a lot more appealing.

Richard Joash Tan says:


danwat1234 says:

Granted the Subaru Outback has active grille shutters (unlike the Forester) but no hybrid options and it doesn’t have the power of a Camaro. It would eat the Camaro when off roading though

Sami Haj-Assaad says:

Where’s the Pontiac version?

KewlDawg says:

You’ll have to ask Z/TA.

Andy says:

Do not understand why they have creases on the rear bumper, is it for aero? Anyway I will wait until tmrw’s full reveal until I make a complete judgement about its aesthetic.

Ryden says:

A month’s worth of build up for what? A re-debut of the 2014 Camaro. What a crock. Glad I made a decision not to go with Chevrolet.

Richard Joash Tan says:


ThreeD says:

The 2016 Camaro still looks better than that 2015 2-door Fusion that Ford calls a Mustang!

Bruce Williams says:

Some very good comments here. (other than those by the, essentially illiterate, Mr. Tan) It’s hard to tell from the pictures without seeing it in the flesh, but, based on the improvements made to the C7 I’m sure they’ve upped the ante on the Camaro to match, I’d be interested in how the interior looks. I get a good chuckle from some of the people who are remarking only on the exterior design. Stiffer chassis, full length belly pan, other (unannounced) improvements will make the Camaro even more competitive, both on the road and the track. I really like the dual mode exhaust on the new Z06. Actually, it’s the sport mode that opens upon hard acceleration. The track mode is open all the time. …And that’s where it stays!

DMS says:

Regarding the interior, GM states: “All-new, driver-focused interior with intuitive controls, flat-bottom steering wheel, and high quality materials throughout.”

Guido FL says:

Well it’s 1:14 PM May 16 and no news or photos yet ????

DMS says:

According to the schedule, the reveal is to take place at 5 PM EDT.

DMS says:

Regarding the interior, GM states: “All-new, driver-focused interior with intuitive controls, flat-bottom steering wheel, and high quality materials throughout.”

Nice Twits says:

Stick to perfecting the Chevy Volt, GM. Clearly.. you don’t know how to (re)design a muscle car. I can’t foresee any revised interior that would win me over.