2017 Lamborghini Centenario Video, First Look

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If this is your first time seeing the Lamborghini Centenario, chances are you will never get the chance to own one.

That’s because despite the fact it just debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, all 40 units are spoken for meaning it’s already sold out. That’s 20 coupes and 20 roadsters priced from $1.9 million that will be heading to different garages worldwide.

Powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine, the Centenario features 770 horsepower, making it the most powerful engine the Italian automaker has ever made. The car’s dry weight is 3,351 pounds, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 4.3 pounds per horsepower. As a result, zero-to-62 mph is done in a swift 2.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 217 mph.

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Deliveries of the Centenario will begin this fall and if you’re wondering why it’s called that when Lamborghini itself isn’t 100 years old, that’s because the name pays homage to the 100th birthday of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.

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