Honda Patents 11-Speed, Triple-Clutch Transmission


Honda has filed a new patent with the Japan Patent Office for a new transmission which features 11 speeds and three clutches. 

In the description, Honda says that by using a third clutch, it will be able to decrease torque removal that occurs with dual-clutch transmissions. The patent application, which is translated from Japanese, also says that the new transmission will allow “speed change to be more effectively restricted and a speed change response to be increased.”

In a series of drawings, which you can view here, Honda lays out the transmission, describing an 11-speed unit.

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There is no mention of what type of vehicle this transmission would eventually find a home in, though it sounds like it is being designed to improve efficiency, so a small fuel economy-minded car could be ideal.

The application was published on May 27, 2016 and is registered to Honda Motor Co Ltd. The inventor credited is Izumi Masao.

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