You Can Now Pay a Monthly Subscription for Access to Cadillacs

Cadillac has introduced a new subscription service called BOOK, looking to change up the way we own cars. 

For $1,500 a month, the user gets access to a lineup of Platinum Trim Cadillacs including the XT5, CT6, Escalade and the V Series ATS and CTS. The service will first launch in New York City with plans to roll it out to other markets.

Members of BOOK will have an app that allows them to order a car, which will be delivered by a concierge to a location of their choosing. The car can then be exchanged at their leisure or until their needs change. That means you could have a CTS V over the weekend and swap it out for an Escalade during the week, or even keep the Escalade during the winter and the CTS during the summer.

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The membership is month-to-month and there is no long-term commitment required. Registration, taxes, insurance and maintenance of the car is all included in the monthly fee and there is no limit on mileage.

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