Ferrari’s Next Hypercar Set to Arrive in 3 to 5 Years

The replacement hypercar for the Ferrari LaFerrari will arrive by 2022, a Ferrari executive has confirmed.

Speaking to Autocar, Ferrari’s chief technology officer Michael Leiters spilled some details on what the Italian automaker is working on. Ferrari is currently defining a new roadmap of technology and innovation and once that’s defined, it will consider a replacement for the LaFerrari. Very little, if any, development has started for the new hypercar, but Leiters did say Ferrari wants to do something different, and it won’t be a road car with a Formula 1 engine.

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“The roadmap will be finished in about six months,” he told Autocar. “So my guess is that we could be three to five years away from a new limited-edition hypercar. Part of the plan is to ensure that technology used in the next hypercar can be cascaded through the rest of the range.”

[Source: Autocar]

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