Top 10 Best Race Tracks in the World: The Short List

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From Mosport to Road America, Hockenheimring to Interlagos, there are loads of great racing circuits out there, but we’ve compiled 10 of the world’s best race tracks.

Got gasoline in your veins, a need for speed, an addiction to adrenaline? Well, chances are you’re a motorsports fan, be it NASCAR, Formula One, drag racing or even something as approachable as auto crossing.

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But competing against your buddy Dave and his Scion tC in a mall parking lot isn’t quite the same as thundering around a dedicated racing circuit. Of the dozens upon dozens of tracks around the world, a handful of them stand above the rest.

Whether they’re known for history, outright speed, spectacular corners or daunting length, each of the courses we’ve highlighted is legendary. Which ones made the grade and which tracks got cut? Well, you’ve got to watch to find out.


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