Maybe the McLaren 720S Should a Have Different Name

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The McLaren 720S reportedly produces close to 700 wheel horsepower.

As its name suggests, the McLaren 720S has 720 metric horsepower (PS) or in North America, 710 hp. But there’s the chance the British automaker is underrating the car, as BoostAddict reports one car put down 698.56 hp to the wheels on a dyno. Based on the dyno graph released by the site, three runs were made with the McLaren 720S, with the other two runs laying down 696.40 hp and 694.07 hp.

Generally speaking, cars lose between 10 to 15 percent of their power between the crank and the wheels, because of friction and heat generated along the drivetrain, among other things. Even if you assume McLaren engineers were able to keep drivetrain loss at a minimum, the McLaren 720S should only be making around 640 to 650 hp to the wheels on the dyno.

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If the numbers are accurate, that means the McLaren 720S is closer to 780 hp than it is to 710 hp. But this isn’t the first time a McLaren has put down more power on the dyno than expected. Previously, a McLaren 570S put 532 hp to the rear wheels, which is close to the 562 hp it’s rated for at the flywheel.

Of course, readings from dyno can change from one location to another, especially if you consider outside conditions like ambient temperature or even how the dyno is configured. Still, based on these figures, there’s a good chance the McLaren has underrated the performance of the 720S.

[Source: BoostAddict]

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