Brabus Ultimate-E Concept is a Lightning-Quick Smart EV


The Smart ForTwo isn’t aimed at car enthusiasts and neither are most electric vehicles, but we get the feeling many gearheads will be able to get on board with the new Brabus Ultimate-E Concept.

Before you begin deriding this electric yellow city car and its silent drivetrain, take a minute to hear what it has on offer. Brabus has swapped out the ForTwo Electric Drive’s motor with a high-performance unit making a stout 204 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The results are quite profound, with the Ultimate-E boasting a 0-62 mph time of just 4.5 seconds and 112 mph. In something this tiny, that would feel very rapid indeed.

The go-juice comes from a 22 kWh lithium ion battery pack, which provides a maximum driving range of around 100 miles. Brabus claims the battery can charge from flat to 80 percent in 30 minutes if using a wall box charger.

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This being a Brabus product, the exterior was also significantly overhauled. The German tuner has applied a widebody kit with fender flares, a new front spoiler, rocker panels, and a rear diffuser. The gloss black painted Brabus Y-spoke wheels, which are quite sizable for the Smart at 18-inches, expand on the sporty look. The front wheels weigh just 14.7 lbs and the rears 15.6 lbs – making them among the lightest 18-inch wheels on the market.

The interior also underwent a major change with Brabus blue leather just about everywhere, which is joined by electric yellow trim on the dashboard, air vent surrounds instrument cluster and more. A stainless steel gear selector knob, pedals and handbrake lever expand on the upscale look and feel.

Brabus is trying to gauge interest in a product such as the Ultimate-E and says if the response is positive, it could put it into production. The car is also meant to show the competence of Brabus Zero Emission and what the company is capable of as electric performance cars begin to gain traction with consumers.