New Trailer Has us Totally Stoked for Gymkhana 10, Bro

The tenth iteration in Ken Block’s long-running Gymkhana series has been previewed with a new trailer.

If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for Gymkhana 10, then nothing will. It features Rob Dyrdek hyping up Block’s talents, quick jump cuts of fire shooting from the various Ford vehicle’s exhausts and lots and lots of tire smoke. The team behind the viral film claims its the most extreme and best Gymkhana video yet and after seeing this trailer, we’re inclined to believe them.

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Gymkhana 10 will feature five vehicles and five different locations. We already know Ken Block’s 1,400 hp Hoonicorn V2 will be used, along with his most recent acquisition – a heavily modified Ford Escort Cosworth rally car, but the remaining three are a mystery. One of the filming locations is, rather excitingly, Detroit – but the remaining four have also yet to be revealed.

Check out the trailer embedded above and get hyped for Gymkhana 10. Don’t get too hyped, though – it won’t debut until late 2018.

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