Future Toyota Adventure Concept a Hybrid Off-Roader

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Who says hybrids have to be as boring as reading the end user license agreement that comes with computer software?

Sure, Toyota may build the Prius, unquestionably the world’s most famous gasoline-electric vehicle, but that doesn’t mean every hybrid has to be dynamically drowsy and laser-focused on fuel efficiency.

Making its world debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC for short) weds handsomely aggressive styling to a number of innovative features, creating an attractive vehicle that proves hybrids can actually be zesty.

This outdoorsy crossover-utility is aimed squarely at active folks that love getting out in nature. With an elevated ride height and pumped-up fenders, it looks ready to tackle some of the roughest trails, or if nothing else, a washboard dirt road.

With a long wheelbase and broad track, the FT-AC has plenty of presence, even on an auto show turntable. Wrapped in aggressive all-terrain rubber, the vehicle’s generously portioned 20-inch rims fill out its wheel openings nicely.

Further showing that this is more than some shopping-mall softie, it’s outfitted with tow hooks and skid plates, the latter of which protect mission-critical underbody components from damage while rock bashing.

As mentioned, a next-generation hybrid drivetrain helps the FT-AC tackle hill and dale, though no specifics about it have yet been released by Toyota. And who knows? It could feature 18 individual electric motors, a turbine engine running on tire scraps or even a 142 kilowatt-minute lithium-mayonnaise battery pack. Your guess is as good as ours!

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What the company did release about this vehicle’s mechanical components is that it’s graced with a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system that can be locked for added traction when the going gets tough. The FT-AC also features a variable-terrain system, which should allow the driver to adjust how this machine reacts to different off-road surfaces.

Making it even more versatile, the FT-AC’s bumper-mounted fog-lamps can be removed and used as portable lights, a clever touch. In step with current industry trends, this vehicle’s headlamps are of the LED variety.

For reliving your favorite off-road moments, the exterior mirror housings feature infrared cameras that ostensibly work at night, allowing you to record trail runs. Like the fog lights, they’re also removable.

In addition to this, there’s onboard Wi-Fi that automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage. From there, you can edit and post your favorite clips right from a mobile device. The internet connectivity even allows you to livestream your mud-slinging fun.

Rounding out the FT-AC concept, it’s crowned by a sturdy roof rack so there’s no excuse for leaving any gear behind. At the back, there’s an integrated and retractable bike rack.

For the time being, there’s no word if this off-roader will ever make it to market, but the very idea of it has us very excited. C’mon, Toyota, BUILD IT!

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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  • Theiglurides Theiglurides on Dec 20, 2017

    As a Prius owner who loves the car for its efficiency and value, I find the "off-road" image of this vehicle (and many others) so misleading. As my 09 Tacoma has so-called protective pans underneath, they are hardly skid-plates as perceived and are not capable of any real protection to vital components underneath except as anti-splash pans than keep water and debris from the engine bay. After market items could certainly fill that gap but the stock "appearance items" fall short of any real protection! It'll keep the custom shops busy for sure! However as someone already stated, with all those "accident avoidance" systems starting to become the new norm in vehicles, modifications or alterations will be a challenge for sure.

  • WatchYourSixHobbits WatchYourSixHobbits on Dec 22, 2017

    A Prius for gravel roads. No thanks. Bring back the FJ and update it to include operable rear glass and removable roof panels. Add a small V8 if they really want to create a legend.