2019 Ford GT Carbon Series, Lighter and More Livable

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

If a “standard” Ford GT just isn’t fast enough for you, the speed freaks in Dearborn have cooked up a lighter model that should perform even better.

The new Carbon Series GT is designed for track-day dominance while still being comfortable enough to drive home after when you’re finished enjoying hot laps. Unlike the earlier GT Competition version of Ford’s iconic supercar, this one retains a radio along with the company’s Sync 3 infotainment system as well as air conditioning, meaning it should be a good bit more civilized for on-road use.

But just because it’s a skosh more livable doesn’t mean you should expect the same creature comforts as in a Lincoln Navigator. Engineers nixed the cup holders as well as the driver’s side seat storage bin, subtractions that, again, are aimed at keeping mass in check.

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Upping its performance factor, the Carbon Series has lost nearly 40 pounds (18 kg), enough to make it the lightest model in the GT lineup. Carbon-fiber wheels and a polycarbonate rear hatch with extra vents help trim some of that fat, but paring even more away, its exhaust system and even lug nuts are made of titanium.

Not only are those lightweight wheels functional, they’re beautiful to look at. But heaven forbid you ever damage one because the replacement cost is likely unfathomable. “They are made in Australia [and] it is a very detailed process,” said Hermann Salenbauch, global director of Ford Performance, with each assembled from more than 100 individual pieces of carbon fiber.

Dressing things up, this special-edition model also features plenty of exposed carbon fiber, more, in fact, than on any other GT. The lightweight composite material is on display as stripes running down the body as well as on the car’s A-pillars and lower trim panels. Customers can further dress things up with an optional accent package with four color choices: silver, orange, red and blue. This provides a dash of contrast on the mirror caps, center stripe and brake calipers.

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All the exposed carbon underscores this vehicle’s craftsmanship. When a material like this is visible, the woven pattern of the fabric has to be straight and even; it cannot waver or otherwise be out-of-line, something that takes extra care and time during manufacturing.

Inside there’s, not surprisingly, more carbon fiber. With a matte finish, it prominently displayed on the door sills, air-vent housings and center console. Other cabin tweaks include a unique seat pattern with silver stitching, anodized paddle shifters and a special instrument-panel placard.

Ford GT customers wanted more creature comforts and an extra helping of exposed carbon fiber. With the new Carbon Series, it appears the automaker is delivering exactly what these enthusiasts are demanding.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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