September 30, 2020
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Lithium Trim Serum is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Car’s Trim

Few parts of the car ownership experience are as vexing and confounding as fading, discolored plastic…

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But that worn and weary plastic trim can be some of the most difficult parts of your car to refresh, and they succumb to fading readily, requiring constant attention. With most off-the-shelf trim restorer concoctions, it seems you can hardly go a month without needing to dress your plastic up again.

The reason for this is that your car’s plastic trim pieces are constantly exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, grime, and sometimes, cleaning detergents. (Even more so if you’ve got a Jeep or off-road vehicle!) All of the above diminish the plastic’s original oil content, drying the plastic out, and facilitate oxidation that changes the plastic’s molecular structure, discoloring it and making it more brittle. Most plastic trim restorers attempt to remedy this problem by introducing more oil to the plastic, but those products tend to leave a tacky, greasy residue on your plastic’s surface, and they don’t hold up very well over time.

The other popular alternative – trying to fix the problem with black dye – isn’t much prettier. Not only can this approach be messy, these dyes deteriorate at different rates depending on exposure to the elements, meaning after a few weeks, it can look like you took a can of spray paint to your car and half of it peeled off.

No matter which way you cut it, the natural world is waging war on your car’s plastic trim, and you’re losing.

Pictured: Before (right) and after (left) applying Lithium Trim Serum

Luckily, not all car detailing products are created equal. Enter Lithium, a company that prides itself on making the world’s finest auto detailing products, “one beautifully inefficient batch at a time,” and their plastic-restoring Trim Serum, which just might be the last trim restorer you’ll ever need.

In fact, Lithium boasts that their Trim Serum will outlook and outlast anything on the market, guaranteed. That’s a bold claim, but it’s not just pretty marketing. To put Trim Serum’s longevity into more concrete terms, you can expect its effect to last several months after application, or about 20 washes. That’s a good long while – long enough, at least, that brake dust might just overtake plastic trim oxidation as your new number one car detailing nemesis.

The Lithium Trim Serum doesn’t just refresh plastic and rubber trim either, penetrating the pores to make the surface look brand new and restore the deep, rich color of your plastic to a fresh-out-of-the-factory look; it also serves as a long-lasting protectant against salt, UV rays, and your plastic’s other foes. This helps to keep your car’s plastic from drying out, oxidizing, and cracking.

That’s because, unlike other trim restoring products on the market, Lithium Trim Serum contains plasticizers instead of oil. These plasticizers are the same material in your trim that slowly deteriorate over time, creating that faded, cracked look. This special formula is also a major part of what sets Lithium Trim Serum apart from the trim-restoring oils and dyes out there; the plasticizers in Trim Serum are easily absorbed into your car’s plastic, curing it to create a protective shield against the elements.

Of course, your mileage may vary. Maybe you put on 1,500 miles a day, round trip, commuting from your home in Seattle to your workplace, a remote scientific outpost in the heart of British Columbia. Maybe you live right near the ocean outside of LA and your carport is made of glass and acts like a huge magnifying glass, constantly baking your car under the hot SoCal sun. Whatever the case, Lithium Trim Serum is here to restore your plastic and rubber trim, without leaving behind a slick, greasy residue.

And while no trim protectant lasts forever, Lithium Trim Serum will protect your trim longer than any other comparable product on the market, and it’s a promise the company stands behind, offering a satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns.

Whether you’ve neglected your car’s trim for years, or spend every weekend fastidiously detailing your prized possession, Lithium Trim Serum can help you fight back against fading plastic and restore your trim’s health. Click here to visit Lithium’s website and see for yourself.