2021 Lucid Air ‘Base Model’ Detailed: $69,900 for 406-Mile Range EV

The entry level version of the Air will slide in under $70k with federal tax credits, while still boasting 480 hp and 406 miles of range.

A little over a month since it showcased the final production version of the Air sedan, Lucid has revealed more info on the lower end of the range. As it turns out, the range will start below the originally-quoted $80,000. In fact, with federal tax credits, buyers will be able to find their way into the new EV for a Benjamin under $70,000.

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Prior to incentives and options, the Lucid Air will start at $77,400. For that price, buyers can expect a single-motor, rear-drive version of the big battery-powered four-door. The headline figures are 480 horsepower, with a Tesla-beating 406 miles of range on a single charge. Lucid will also offer an optional twin-motor, all-wheel drive setup.

The “base” Lucid Air will also come with a huge 34-inch curved glass display, an animal-free interior, and what the company is calling “the largest frunk ever fitted to an electric sedan.” Lucid’s DreamDrive advanced driver-assistance system suite will come as standard on every Air, too.

Lucid also took the opportunity to provide more details on the Air Touring, the next step up the ladder. Starting at $95,000 before the federal tax credit, the Touring will use the afore-mentioned all-wheel drive, dual-motor setup. Range remains at 406 miles, but the horsepower jumps up to 620.

All Lucid Air models will also come with complimentary three years’ worth of charging from Electrify America/Canada—similar to the Porsche Taycan.

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Reservations are now available online and at physical retail locations. Interested parties can put their name down for $300.

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