Lancia has deep roots in rally racing, and has been owned by Fiat since 1969. Now a days Lancia builds mostly rebadged Fiat cars and sells them primarily in Italy.

Extremely Rare Lancia Delta Heading to Auction

One of the most successful rally cars of all time in totally original condition.

4 years ago

Lancia Will Live on, Models to be Built in America

Earlier reports of Lancia getting axed have been debunked by Chrysler spokesman Scott Brown, stating that those rumors are indeed…

9 years ago

Fiat to Axe Lancia Brand of Rebadged Chryslers

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne made a series of significant announcements in a teleconference earlier today, not the least of which…

9 years ago

Ultra-Rare Lancia Stratos Hitting the Auction Block

The Lancia Stratos isn't just one of the world's rarest cars, but one with an iconic cult following like no…

10 years ago

Fiat/Chrysler Reveal Product Future, Dodge Avenger Lives

While past reports have suggested that the Dodge Avenger is dead, speculation has apparently been a bit premature. Chrysler/Fiat have…

10 years ago

Chrysler, Lancia Enlist Former Ferrari Designer For New Styling Direction

Chrysler is getting some Italian style thanks to¬†former Ferrari designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, 63, who will now be lending a hand…

10 years ago