2024 Honda Prologue Hands-On Preview: 5 Stand-Out EV Features

Lee Bailie
by Lee Bailie
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The days of Honda dipping its toe into the electrification pool with quirky, low-volume Clarity sedan family of plug-ins and fuel cells is now ancient history.

The Japanese automaker is now heading for the mainstream with the introduction of the 2024 Prologue EV SUV.

Unlike its electrified sedan forerunners, Honda’s first-ever pure EV SUV will enter one of the best-selling new car segments in North America: mid-size SUVs. In this category, the Prologue isn’t aiming to become a niche darling of early adopters and trendsetters, but rather an attractive alternative for the masses exiting internal combustion vehicles and moving into EVs.

With the launch of the Prologue, a vehicle co-developed with General Motors that uses the latter’s Ultium battery platform, Honda’s electrification strategy in North America comes into sharper focus.

The Prologue will be followed by a mid-large EV in 2025 that will be built on Honda’s proprietary electric e: Architecture platform, with others to follow leading up to 2030 as the company moves towards 100 percent zero-emission sales by 2040.

AutoGuide.com was recently invited by Honda to take a closer look at the 2024 Prologue, and here are five things that stood out during our hands-on session.

Ultium battery tech: big range, fast charging

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

Powering the Prologue is an Ultium 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that works in conjunction with either a single- or dual-motor set-up. At time of writing Honda had not released horsepower and torque numbers for the single motor variant, but it estimates 288 hp and 333 lb-ft for the dual-motor.

A dual-motor / all-wheel drive set-up is standard on the Elite grade and optional on the EX and Touring models in the US, while dual-motor is standard across the range in Canada (EX, EX-L and Touring).

As for range and charging, Honda is projecting an EPA rating of 300 miles (450 km), and a DC fast charging rate of up to 155 kilowatts. Honda says a 10-minute fast charge will deliver about 65 miles (105 km) of range.

Neo-rugged styling

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

The Prologue’s design was led by a team based at the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles, with support from Japan. Because the Prologue’s development cycle coincided with the Covid pandemic, Honda leaned on virtual reality (VR) tools to aid in concepting.

The result is what Honda calls “Neo-Rugged”, a look that is traditional boxy-SUV, like Honda’s other utilities, but with some softer edges to help separate it from its siblings. Exterior design cues of note include available 21-inch wheels—the largest ever for a Honda vehicle—and a lower-case Honda wordmark on the liftgate, which Honda said is an EV-centric touch.

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

Dimensionally, the Prologue has the longest wheelbase in its class at 121.8 inches (3,094 mm), and it’s roughly eight inches (203 mm) longer and five (127 mm) inches wider than the compact CR-V. In sum, Honda says the Prologue is roughly the same size as its mid-size Passport.

Big on the inside

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

The Prologue is quite roomy on the inside, with up to 136.9 cubic feet (3,877 liters) of interior space that will seat up to five comfortably. The rear seat backs have two angles of recline will fold down 60/40 for 57.7 cubic feet (1,634 liters) of cargo space. While the Prologue doesn’t come with a frunk (front trunk), there is a hidden storage bin located in the cargo floor that adds another 0.5 cubic feet (14 liters) of storage.

Other space-efficiency design details include a column-mounted gear shift lever, a first for Honda, that creates space in the console area for more storage, including a bin that can store two smartphones side by side. Large cupholders that can accommodate 32 oz (946 mL) bottles, along with a pocket-style smartphone charger, also come standard.

Big screens, Google Built-in

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

Because the Prologue was co-developed with GM, it shares a lot of technology, and some of those features which will look familiar to GM owners.

For instance, the Prologue features two digital screens, an 11.0-inch instrument cluster display and an 11.3-inch multimedia touchscreen, both of which are standard across the lineup. The multimedia display features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with Google Built-in, which has been proliferating among GM vehicles over the past 12-18 months.

Google Built-in, which features Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play, is available in the 2023 Honda Accord, but the Prologue is the first Honda SUV to offer it.

Other tech features include a 7x3-inch head-up display for Elite models (Touring in Canada), a Bose premium audio system with 12 speakers for Touring and Elite grades (EX-L and Touring in Canada), and four 3.0A USB-C 45W charging ports, with two for each row of seats.

Of note, Honda says the Prologue will receive over-the-air updates, like a smartphone, for key vehicle computer modules.

Exterior colors

2024 honda prologue preview 5 stand out features

The Prologue will be available in seven exterior colors in the US and six in Canada, with the only difference being North Shore Pearl, a green shade inspired by Lake Tahoe, California, which is for the US market only.

The 2024 Honda Prologue is available for order now at honda.com and honda.ca. Honda has not released specific pricing but has said Prologue MSRP will begin in the upper $40,000 USD range in the US and in the mid $60,000 range in Canada. Final pricing will be announced closer to launch. The Prologue will go on sale in Spring 2024.

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  • Duke Woolworth Duke Woolworth on Oct 02, 2023

    With a battery as large as the Nissan Ariya, combined with a fairly sizable body, this should weigh in at 5,000#+ in AWD form. That would bring a price of at least $60,000. My only hope is that they keep the real controls as in the CR-V that can be used in winter with gloves on. They will probably also use the same pedestrian alert, which sounds like tortured angels.

    • Ski Bum Ski Bum on Oct 07, 2023

      Is the pedestrian alert the same horrendous sound as the backup alert? My neighbor has a CR-V and the backup sound is torture! If the dual motor version is priced at $55,000 or less, with federal $7,500 plus Colorado $5,000 tax credits, that will be cheaper than the $43,000 Passport.